The lush, fertile and plentiful, former hamlet of Buttala in the Monaragala District of the Uva Province is full of lofty monasteries, larger than life statues, gushing waterfalls, sweeping paddy fields, epic tanks and enthralling stupas. The main occupation is farming with plenty of paddy and other crops being cultivated. When Booker Tate PLC of the United Kingdom established the largest sugar mill in Pelwatte, nearly 300,000 of farmers have gotten the opportunity to cultivate sugar cane in Buttala. Eco-tourism is trending feature in Buttala nowadays because of its rural beauty. Visitors can enjoy the village life style when growing their own vegetables and cooking their own meals in the traditional manner using clay pots and Ceylon spices. You can taste a glass of fresh cow's milk in the morning, and you can add dug sweet potatoes to your breakfast.

Buttla is the perfect destination for away from your busy life and relax the mind. Its rural isolation let you to soothing your mind with calming meditation. Budugallena Forest Hermitage which is surrounded by tall trees and fanning a constant breeze, is used by monks for meditation. Further, teaching English in village children, teaching in Sunday school classrooms and helping with farming are volunteering programs that volunteers who are in all around the world can be joined. It will be the great experience to you. 

Must Visit Place In BUTTALA

Buttala | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours

Yudaganawa, an unfinished stupa dating back to the 2nd Century AD provides real insight into the ancient southern Kingdom of Ruhuna. Yudaganawa derived its name from the two words Yuda meaning war and Anganaya meaning arena being the place where the armies of prince Dutugemunu and prince Saddhatissa faught each other in 2nd c B.C. Visitors should first visit the ancient image house and inside, visitors can see original ancient wooden statues of Lord Buddha in a meditative pose.

Buttala | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Curds in Buttala

Given its status as a rural agricultural area, Buttala is home to great herds of buffalo that produce a large stock of milk each day. A brief visit to a curd center, where they prepare buffalo curd from milk, is a novel and interesting way to better appreciate this daily Sri Lankan food staple. Meekiri or buffalo curd is a traditional type of yoghurt prepared from buffalo milk. Buffalo curd is usually packaged in clay pots. Traditionally Meekiri is served with sweet treacle. It is most definitely worth trying and is not expensive if bought at the roadside.

Buttala | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Pareiyan Ella

Pareiyan Ella (Pigeon falls) is created by the Manik River. This showcase of raw natural beauty is indeed wonderful. In this area, pepper cultivation is becoming a staple crop and can be seen on both sides of the road. For the curious, the shape of a pigeon’s face can be made out, perhaps with eyes and a nose. The central nose part splits the flow of water into two separate cascades. All around is the jungle and do not bathe in the waterfall pool as it is very deep.

Buttala | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
The Maligawila Buddha statue

The Maligawila Buddha statue has a height of 36 feet. . It was an achievement of the engineers in Sri Lanka. The statue is carved of a single limestone. It had been fallen and broken into three pieces when it was identified in 1951. During that period this area was covered by the jungle and the statue was attached by the treasure hunters too. To reach the premises you have to travel to Buttala.

Buttala | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Dematamal Viharaya

Dematamal Viharaya is a Buddhist temple in Buttala, Monaragala district. Its history goes back to the 3rd or 2nd century BC. Rendering to folklore, it is the place that provided safety to Prince Saddhatissa, who was trying to escape after losing the fight with his elder brother, Prince Dutugamunu

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