Jaffna comes under Jaffna kingdom known as Aryachakravarti. Most of the city's populace are Sri Lankan Tamils with a critical number of Sri Lankan Moors, Indian Tamils and other ethnic gatherings present in the city preceding the civil war. Ayurveda spas which is situated in Jaffna, are the best hotel spa to break from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life. The very basis of carrying forward the Ayurvedic essence which is indicative of cleansing, improving and benefitting our mind, body and soul is the Ayurveda stipulated treatments, remedies and therapies.

Further, Dambakola Patuna, or the fort of Jambukola, is one of the most importance and significance for the Buddhist community. The reason is Theri Sanghamitta, sister of Mihindu Maha Thero arrived in Sri Lanka with a Sacred Bo Sapling to this port. The temple Jambukola Viharaya was built commemorating the arrival of the Bo sapling by King Devanampiya Tissa. Jaffna library is one of the prominent and illustrious buildings in not only the district of Jaffna but also the country of Sri Lanka. This heritage building has many tamil cultural texts that are rare. White-sand Charty beach is the best place to enjoy and it is the place that travelers never miss.

Must Visit Place In JAFFNA

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Jaffna Archeological Museum

Jaffna Archeological Museum is situated in Nallur, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The stunning gatherings start in time from the hour of old period Sri Lanka to the pioneer time. Moreover, a bit of the archeological unearths disclosures of Kandarodai can be seen at this recorded focus. At the door are a pair of rusty Dutch cannons from the fort and a set of whale bone.

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Jaffna Fort

Jaffna Fort, the second biggest Dutch fort built in Sri Lanka is an archaeological monument that has had a direct onslaught as a result of the recent 30 year of armed conflict. The monuments within the fort had been destroyed during the conflict that raged in the area. Of these the monument named the Queen’s Palace is in sufficient level of preservation than the rest as it could be identified. The fort is located near the coastal village of Gurunagar.

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Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil

Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil is a sacred Hindu temple, situated in Nallur, Sri Lanka. Nallur considered as the capital of the Jaffna lords, with the royal residence arranged extremely near the Kovil. Nallur had four passageways with doors. Nallur Kovil is the epitome of punctuality, order and neatness, and provides a model for all Shiva temples. Above all it is the manner in which religious ceremonies are conducted with such impeccable timing and strict discipline that makes it a favorite among devotees.

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Nainathiv island

This is a tiny island which is located in Jaffna in Sri Lanka. Also, this tiny “Nainativu” is called Nagadeepa Island as it is locally referred to by the Sinhala people. There was a Buddhist temple that's why Sinhalese called “Nagadipaya” which was the temple name of that island.

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Public library Jaffna

On May 31, 1981, when early signs of the pending civil war broke out on the Jaffna peninsula of northern Sri Lanka. The Jaffna Library rose to prominence, as it was loved by international and domestic intellectuals, but most highly it served as a cultural hub for the Tamil community. The attack on the Jaffna Public Library was never properly examined and the committers were never held to account, adding another episode of impunity in the country

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The clock tower of Jaffna

The clock tower is one of the landmarks of Jaffna city. This is a clock tower in the city of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. It was built to commemorate the visit of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales to Ceylon in 1875.

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Kadurugoda Temple

Kadurugoda Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple located in a small village named Kandarodai which is close to Chunnakam town about a 25minutes drive from Jaffna town. Tuk-tuk is the best transport option to scope this place. A special feature of these historic Buddhist structures is that there are no square shape constructions above the global structures Instead of that, There are umbrella shape structures one above the other next to the global structures. this temple has been declared an archaeological site in Jaffna District.

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Nagapooshani Amman Kovil

Nagapooshani Amman Kovil is the most visited historic Hindu Kovil located 36 KM away from the city of Jaffna. This kovil is one of 64 Shakthi Peeth in the area. It is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. The annual festival of 16 days called Mahostavam is held in June & July attracting more than 100,000 travelers. Also, daily puja times are available you can participate as a visitor. Therefore the island of Nainativu is the center of one of the most blessed Buddhist & Hindu sites in the country enticing over a thousand visitors daily.

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Dabakola Patuna

Dabakola Patuna is a historic Buddhist temple in Jaffna. This is the place “Sangamiththa Their” was landed in Sri Lanka with a “Bo Tree “. There was a historic story behind it. If you be in Sri Lanka you can learn lots of historic stories related to Buddhist philosophy. Now also calling as “Sangamiththa Viharaya”.

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This lighthouse

This lighthouse is built in 1916 in Karaitiyu in Jaffna. 31 meters high a white lighthouse .which is located 25km far from the western corner of Jaffna town. But with the LTTE terrorist association crushed, this area is now available to the general public. Due to the terrorist activities in the past, this has not been operated or maintained.

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Elephant Pass

Elephant Pass was assumed the causeway straddling the narrow lagoon that separates the Jaffna peninsula from the break of the island. Throughout the Dutch profession of the island, elephants were spread from Karaitivu, one of the islands deceitful off the Jaffna peninsula, and an annual sale of elephants was also held in Jaffna. Now you can see some civil war memorials here.

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Teaching rural aria's School in Sri Lanka

There is some opportunity to teach for student arias such as Jaffna, Ampara, Trincomalee, and more if you are interested to teach you can come to the above arias. you can teach languages, mathematics, and science to students.

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