Dambulla is an important junction where the Colombo Trincomalee road and Kandy Anuradhapura road meets and then part heading to their own destinations. Due to its location at a major junction, it is the center of major vegetable distribution in the country. Dambulla, an insignificant village a couple of decades ago, today is a prosperous modern market town-a commercial hub, driven by the force of intensive cultivation by the industrious farmers of the region. Most travelers combine a visit to Dambulla with a visit to Sigiriya’s ancient rock fortress. This 660-foot column of rock is in the middle of a thick green tropical forest and is called the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. Everything in Dambulla is reasonably priced, including the delicious authentic Sri Lankan food that is made with generous amounts of herbs and spices.

Must Visit Place In DAMBULLA

Dambulla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Golden Temple of Dambulla

The Rock Temple of Dambulla, called Jumbukola Vihara (Dambulla Cave Temple) in the Mahavamsa of Sri Lanka. The cave shrine, their painted surfaces, and statuary are unique in scale and degree of preservation. The temple is composed of five caves of varying size and magnificence. There is a total of 153 Buddha statues, three statues of Sri Lankan kings and four statues of gods and goddesses. There is a neat stupa called Soma Chetiya at the middle of the cave. The roof and sides of the rock and the front wall are painted of the brightest colors, and decorated with a number of figures, chiefly of Buddha.

Dambulla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Hurulu Eco Park

Hurulu forest reserve is an important habitat of the Sri Lankan wildlife. The park hosts a remarkably large amount of wildlife, including some which are rare, such as the Indian Star Tortoise, Sri Lankan Jungle fowl and the Rusty-Spotted Cat. The Hurulu forest reserve represents the dry-zone dry evergreen forests Sri Lanka. There are many other protected areas situated around Hurulu Forest Reserve. Ritigala strict nature reserve, Minneriya-Girithale and Mahaweli flood plains nature reserves.

Dambulla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Kaludiya Pokuna Forest

Kaludiya Pokuna is a forest with archaeological remains in Kandalama. It is a beautiful place which is ideal for a nature trek and to see ancient ruins which lie inside the forest. The name “Kaludiya Pokuna” is given because of a pond in the vicinity which had dark water during ancient times. The forest has many species of birds, butterflies, reptiles and mammals. you move deeper into the forest, watch out for interesting tropical flora and the endemic and migrant birds that live in the forest, which your naturalist will help you identify. This trek culminates in your arrival at the ancient ruins, a 1,200-year-old Buddhist monastery.

Dambulla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Naa flower garden

This is a place too close to nature this is a place for it. Namal uyana is a forest in Dabulla eria. Especially this forest full of “Na” trees that why calling as “Namal Uyana”. “Na” is the Sinhala name of “Ironwood”. This is over 100 hectares.

Dambulla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Popham’s Arboretum

Popham’s Arboretum is located in Dambulla in Sri Lanka this is a dry zone of Arboretum where an amazing spectrum of Trees, Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Mammals can be observed in their natural setting. It is an Englishman with an unparalleled love for trees, who created the arboretum in 1963 on seven and a half acres of scrub jungle.

Dambulla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours

If you like hiking and enjoying beautiful views. This is a place for you. It's about a 30-40 minute hiking experience in Pidurangala rock. This is open from 5.00 am to 6.00 pm. you can relax by watching the sunset.


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