Snorkeling in Pasikudah

Located in the district of Batticaloa, the coastal resort town of Pasikudah is being hailed to accommodate one of the longest stretches of flawless waters along with areas of deserted beaches. Pasikudah can be enjoyed by anyone who looks to enjoy longs walks into the sea rather than walks on the beach but also get to witness and feel the warm waters. There can be instances where tourists who aim to include other activities such as sailing into their travel itinerary, tend to snorkel straight off a yacht! There are services available in Pasikudah that do this kind of stuff. This little jolly swim would get you to swim away from the vessel and attest to some awe-inspiring coral beds. Sadly, coral reefs in Sri Lanka have encountered unfortunate situations such as destructive modes of fishing that has affected the vulnerable coral beds. But, social responsibility projects are being undertaken by hotel and resort entities to help preserve this underwater ecosystem.


·        Explore one of the longest stretches of shallow reef coastline in the world

·        Learn snorkeling if you are a beginner, and enjoy to maximum if you are a professional or an amateur

·        Enjoy Sri Lanka’s tropical waters and its colorful reefs and fish

·        Engage in one of the must-do activities on the Eastern coast



·        Professional Instructor

·        Boat Fees

·        Hire of Snorkeling Equipment

Applicable Government Taxes



·        Any transportation up to the point

·        Any tips to the staff

·        Any extra equipment hired beyond what we provide



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