"Devi-Nuwara" in the local Sinhala language, "Devi" meaning "Gods" and "Nuwara" meaning "City". Dondra is therefore derived to mean "City of the Gods". Likewise, Dondra, has very important cultural, historical importance since the ancient. According to legend Devinuwara was a flourishing city in the time is King Rawana and is connected to the Indian Epic of Ramayana. The 15th century “Paravi Sandeshaya”, a poetical work describes the deity at Devinuwara as a destroyer of Asura. Thus, it can believe that this same deity is also “Rama” of the Ramayana. According to the description made by Portuguese, the temple was located on a hill not far from the city. Most of the construction of wood and brick were destroyed by Portuguese. The rebuilt temple to Vishnu and the Vihara still attracts pilgrims today and in the month of Esala (July–August) the Dondra Fair and Perahara is held for eight days.

Must Visit Place In DEWUNDARA

Dewundara | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Dondra Head lighthouse

Dondra head light house is the tallest light house in Asia and it was built during the colonial era by Sir James Douglas. It is in an Octagon shape, and was managed by the Imperial lighthouse service. But nowadays, Dondra Head lighthouse is operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. The lighthouse is 49 m (161 ft) high and contains 7 floors, 14 two panel yellow color windows and 196 steps to the top.

Dewundara | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Thalalla Beach

Talalla beach is located quite close to the main road and public transports. The mostly untouched beach is lined with a lush green palm tree jungle and the water sparkle in 50 shades of blue. The sands of the beach are fine and comfortable to feet. It is quiet and uncrowded at all times of the day. Talalla Beach is the perfect place to unwind and relax because of its quietness. However, This is not a big surf beach and swimming is safe at all times of the day.

Dewundara | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Devinuwara Upulwan devalaya

Devinuwara Upulwan devalaya is situated in the for south of sri lanka close to matara city and the annual feature of the devala is the Esala perahera. People have lot of faith in this devale and never fail to visit this devale when proceeding to kataragama and this is a popular place of worship. The Devalaya (shrine) dedicated to Deity Vishnu draws devotees from around the country throughout the year, specially during the Esala Poya Period.

Dewundara | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Tenavaram Temple

This is a historic Hindu temple compound situated in the port town Tenavaram, Tevanthurai, Matara near Devndara Southern Province, Sri Lanka. Management and maintenance was be located in Hindu Tamil merchants during Tenavaram's time as a popular pilgrimage destination and famed emporium employing over five hundred devadasis. The complex, bordered by a large plaza cloister, was a collection of several historic Hindu Kovil shrines, with its principle shrine designed in the Kerala and Pallava style of Dravidian architecture. Its primary deity was a Hindu god Tenavarai Nayanar and at its zenith was one of the most celebrated Hindu temple complexes of the island, containing eight major kovil shrines to a thousand deity statues of stone and bronze and two major shrines to Vishnu and Shiva.


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