Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka is a popular beach resort in the south western coastal belt of Sri Lanka replete with lovely palm fringed bay beaches. Hikkaduwa beach affords ample opportunities for water sports, diving & snorkeling. While Hikkaduwa has earned a reputation as a safe surfing beach, diving enthusiasts that get excited by four shipwrecks at Hikkaduwa are supported by dive shops offering PADI courses and equipment. Hikkaduwa Bay Beach is of shallow waters encompassed by a reef. It's a marine sanctuary: a multitude of species of fish and large turtles are found herein. Colorful fish that dart about in the coral formations can be viewed in a glass-bottomed boat too.Hikkaduwa area conduct volunteering program like teaching English to Kindergarten which is help children improve their English skills and lead fun activities and lessons that’ll engage the kids and make them fall in love with the language.

Further, batik industry in Sri Lanka is a small-scale industry which can employ individual design talent and creativity. Hikkaduwa is famous for batik industry and small stalls selling batiks can be found all along Hikkaduwa's Galle Road strip. Made in silk and cotton, designed by leading fashion houses and produced by local batik producers in Sri Lanka; batik clothes fetch extremely high prices in local and global markets.

Must Visit Place In HIKKADUWA

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Hikkaduwa National Park

Hikkaduwa National Park is famous for fringing coral reef of serious extent of biodiversity. It is one of the three marine national park in Sri Lanka. Due to this shallow coastline, tourist attraction and activities based on water were born in Hikkaduwa. Further, Hikkaduwa national park is consider as a wildlife sanctuary to avoid the threat happening in this natural ecosystem and protect them to the future generation also. Diving and snorkeling are tourists' favorite activities in Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Peraliya Tsunami Memorial

Peraliya Tsunami Memorial is located in the beach front Peraliya town near the Hikkaduwa town. It is built to commemorate the people who were died in the train on the T-sunami tragedy day. Nearly 1500 passengers were travelling by the train while the T-sunami waves came out of the sea. This Buddha statue was built according to the Japanese donation. The Buddha statue can be seen when you are traveling from Galle-Colombo main road.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Seenigama Devol Dewalaya

Seenigama devalaya is a famous shrine among devotees who come to make offerings to the deity. It is situated around Hikkaduwa and Devol Deviyo (God Devol) is the main god of that shrine. Seenigama Devalaya comprises of two altars, a holy place situated in the territory at the passageway and an old sanctum which situated in a little island that is isolated from principle land by the beach front waters.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Visit Tsunami Museum

This is a educational and memorial study center about tsunami in Sri Lanka, which is located at Thelwatta near to Hikkaduwa. Tsunami Museum (PTM) provides residents and visitors to the State of Hawai with much-needed tsunami education programs. You can see the Pacific Tsunami warning system, the history of tsunami disaster of Sri Lanka in the 26th of December 2004. Oral history testimonies reinforce existing systematic information and provide a viewpoint that will make the tsunami experience “real” for the Museum visitor.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka

Madol Duwa is yet another island, however, became very famous through the Madol Duwa book. This novel was written by Martin Wickramasinghe. Even the story was made into a film in 1976. Koggala Lake is a large untouched lake located within a few kilometers away from town. . At the complete lagoon is teamed with prawns and birds. You are permitted to take boat trips and explore the islands around Koggala Lake. You are spoiled to see various species of mangrove swamps. These islands will be found. The first island is kathduwa. Clearly, the place was used to land seaplanes by Japanese during the World War II.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Kothdoowa Temple

The Kothdoowa Rajamaha Viharaya at Balapitiya near to Ambalabgoda is said to date back to the earliest times of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Kothdoowa is a Madu Ganga islet big enough to house an entire Viharaya with monks’ dells and chambers, image houses and Bo-tree. For sure, it already was in the Kandyan period. But it had to be wholly rebuilt in the late 19th century. Madhu Ganga played an important role in the history of Sri Lankan Buddhism, as it was on this lake that the Buddhist order called Amarapura Nikaya came to existence.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka

Surfing is one of the most famous summer water sports. So many unbelievable breaks and surfing conditions around the country, it’s also a very available sport. Once you have them down, you’ll be hitting the waves in no time. Keep in mind, there are three main types of breaks, which affect the conditions and waves. Hikkaduwa, Mirissa, Trincomalee, and Unawatuna are Sri Lankan famous beaches for Surfing.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Water Skiing

Enjoy a memorable experience with a water skiing safari. Hikkaduwa and Bentota are famous for water skiing in Sri Lanka . These powerful watercraft will get the wind in your hair and sea spray on your face. it can still be a great family activity with kids riding tandem with an adult. Make sure to check the requirements before booking.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka

Kayaking is another reasonably easy, low-impact water sport it’s great for everyone. A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft that fits one or two people and is pushed by double-bladed paddle power. It’s bright for exploring calmer waters including protected coastlines. The small size and low height of the water mean you can get closer to the scenery than other vessels such as boats. Plus, also an excellent workout session. Once you’re a confident paddler, you can try tackling the surf or river rapids or throw a fishing line in from your kayak. In sri lanka there are some places and lagoons for kayaking such as Negambo, and Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa sea waters are full of major biodiversity, Quite than having a sunbath on this beach, the visitors love to do more seawater activities to explore more about nature we live in and it is one of the best beaches for sunbathing in Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka

There were lots of spas for treatment for your body and mind so if you be in Hikkaduwa you can find easily spas near far. But before go there you have to prove it is registered under the department of Ayurveda Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka

There are many types of baths such as flow baths, herbal baths, sunbaths, and more. In Sri Lanka, you can take all types of bath treatments. This is good for the recovery of energy of the body and mind relaxation. if you are interested in spa treatment Galle has more chooses for your treatment

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation

Volunteers work in Galle. Three days each week, volunteers work in the turtle hatchery, which is about an hour away from the volunteer villa. Tasks include feeding and cleaning the turtles, moving turtle eggs into the hatching area, caring for disabled turtles, cleaning tanks, and more. There are many palaces to hatchery like Ambalangoda. Kosagoda, Hikkaduwa and Galle.

Hikkaduwa  Sri Lanka | Best Beach Destinations in Sri Lanka
Glass Bottom Boat Ride Hikkaduwa

If you be in Hikkaduwa then you must try the glass boat ride at Hikkaduwa beach. If you don’t have any experience with diving or swimming you can try a glass boat ride to get an experience and visit coral. Boat riding is the most popular thing among local and foreign people of any age. These boat rides are the best way to spend the day while on the sea. You can see various coral, fishes, and big turtles while you ride by a glass-bottom boat. It will be such a wonderful memory of your life in Sri Lanka.


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