Kalpitiya located in Puttalam district is developing as a tourist destination. It is known for its natural environment. The livelihood of most people in Kaplpitiya is the fishing industry. After watching the night fishing boats return in the morning, a visit to one of fish markets you can choose to get fresh fish The Dutch fort and St.Peters church in the town itself are interesting examples of Sri Lanka history of colonial past. The beach is a long sandy spit, which can be easily accessed from the Kalpitiya lagoon on a boat.

This beautiful stretch of sand attracts a lot of tourists and the beach is truly bestowed with scenic beauty. Whether you plan on a nice sunbath on the sandy shores, or dipping in the water for fun, Kalpitiya Beach in Sri Lanka is a must visit destination.

Must Visit Place In KALPITIYA

Kalpitiya | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Kite Surfing

Kalpitiya is one of the most famous spots for Kite surfing, Sri Lanka. In case you're a thrill seeker, kite-surfing is perhaps the coolest approaches to entertain yourself with Sri Lanka - and Kalpitiya is the spot to do it. Kite-surfing is fundamentally strong yourself to a giant kite, and being delayed a surfboard over the ocean, by the wind.There are two principle puts that you could work on Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya One is called Wellai island, and the other is a slight long Sand Route on the west finish of the Kalpitiya laggon. The perfect time for Kitesurfing is May to September when there is blustery condition.

Kalpitiya | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Kalpitiya Fort

Kalpitiya is located surrounding Puttalam area which is one of the major cinnamon cultivation areas in Sri Lanka. It was built by Dutch to mislead the King of Kandy. The king had granted permission only to build a church, but they had built this fort as a church architecture. The fort is nearly square in shape and it has a single entrance which fronts the lagoon.

Kalpitiya | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Kalpitiya Lagoon

The lagoon is especially notable for giving amazing kite surfing and windsurfing climate conditions; the breeze in the territory can fluctuate however is commonly thought to be appropriate for water sport activities all through the season. The tidal ponds are immense, with for the most part despite everything waters and a couple of little waves. There are courses accessible locally for kite surfing and windsurfing, just as kayaking undertakings through the mangrove woodlands. Courageous sightseers can likewise take an interest in stand up paddle boarding over the ocean and the lagoon.

Kalpitiya | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Kudawa Beach

This is one of the famous beaches for relaxing in Sri Lanka. This is a better place for sunbath, sea bathing, diving, camping, and yoga. You must visit this place if you be in Sri Lanka.

Kalpitiya | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Dutch fort Kalpitiya

This fort is fairly small, but historical need to imagine more information for visitors no need to pay for entering. Dutch was built between 1667 and 1676. It was important as it commands the entrance to the head-to-head bay

Kalpitiya | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours

Your surfing takes to another level with a hydrofoil board. You will feel like you’re flying and can reach much higher speeds. The engine provides the energy and movement that creates the kick. Ideally, you want to have experience surfing before trying a hydrofoil, as it can be more challenging to master and comes with more risks. Kalpitya, Bentota, and Colombo for the most famous places in Sri Lanka to hydrofoil.


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