Mirissa is one of the main sea shore goals in southern Sri Lanka. The territory has everything, delightful Sri Lankan sea shores, surf waves, whale viewing, and extraordinary bars and cafes. Mirissa's beach and nightlife make it a popular tourist destination. It is also a fishing port and one of the island's main whale and dolphin watching locations.

Mirissa Beach is beautiful. It had enough going on to give it an atmosphere without being overcrowded. Palm trees lined the outskirts, the sand was clean and the water was an incredible combination of blue and green. Beach chairs are available, as well as plenty of sand to lay a towel, with food and cocktails just a few steps away.

Must Visit Place In MIRISSA

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Coconut Tree Hill

Coconut Tree Hill is found only 15-20-minutes east (when taking a gander at a guide) from Mirissa sea shore, this little spot is right not far off and can be reached in a couple various ways. The first is to go to Mirissa Beach, and stroll along the shoreline, strolling passed Parrot Rock, and the 2 narrows past it until you arrive at the slope. Tree Hill is a must do if you’re traveling through Mirissa and was one of our favorite spots to catch a Sri Lankan Sunrise.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Parrot Rock Bridge

Another of the stunning spots to visit in Mirissa is to move up the Parrot Rock. This little and effectively open stone will give you a dazzling perspective on the Mirissa territory. This is a place which will take your mind away from work and stress. It is an exceptionally tranquil spot where you can loosen up watching surfers in the elevated tides of water. You can likewise relax in the close by eateries of this spot.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Mirissa Whale Watching

whale and dolphin viewing in Mirissa is one of the most energizing water exercises you can do during your vacation in Sri Lanka. Regularly spotted blue whales are the greatest creatures on the planet and Mirissa is the best spot for whale and dolphin watching visit in Sri Lanka. Whale watching season in Mirissa is from November to April.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
The Snake Farm Mirissa

The farm itself is run by a doctor and snake lover who rescues the snakes from native houses and assimilates them. He is one of the only guys around doing this and considering three hundred and fifty people lose their lives every year from snake bites in Sri Lanka. Located in Mirissa. It was a cause we really wanted to support. He also takes venom from the snakes during reintegration to use to make antivenoms.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Secret Beach Mirissa

Secret Beach is a favorite place to relax throughout the day in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. These rocks guard the beach against the large swells and rough ocean and make for the perfect place for kids to swim and parents to relax. Though it’s not that “secret” anymore, it remains uncrowned most of the time. The main reason people love this beach is not that it’s private, but because of the small pool created from the surrounding rocks.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Polhena Beach

Polhena Beach has situated only 7km from Mirissa. one of the best beaches on the southern coast. Not only is the whole beach endangered from the waves by a reef, but in the shallow and calm bay

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Jet Ski ride

Get a jet surfing experience. Basically, it’s a surfboard with an engine attached, meaning you can create your own drive without the need for waves. it’s great for flat, calm waters. Everybody knew as Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Marissa, Trincomalee, and Pacikudha great places in Sri Lanka. The experience is like a combination of surfing. You can even reach speeds of up to an incredible 35mph.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Cage Diving

Learn about the individuals of the deep with a cage diving adventure. Most usually, cage diving takes you out to the deep to come face to face with sharks, including Great Whites. It’s a chance to see some of nature’s largest predators in their natural environment and learn more about these incredible animals. Trincomalee and Mirissa are famous for it in Sri Lanka.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours

Mirissa sea waters are full of major biodiversity, Quite than having a sunbath on this beach, the visitors love to do more seawater activities to explore more about nature we live in and it is one of the best beaches for sunbathing in Sri Lanka.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours

There are various yacht styles, including sailing and motor containers that vary in size from relatively small to superyachts. This includes booking a day trip or even a multi-night trip to explore different reefs and ports. You can relax on deck, enjoy snorkeling off the sides, and explore a selection of anchorage spots. Mirissa and Pacikudhaare the better place in Sri Lanka.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Fly Boarding

This is a fun and thrilling flyboarding experience you must have. It’s a relatively new water sport. It’s reaching heights of up to about 80-feet from the water. You’ll be attached to a board that has a hose connected to another watercraft. This 2nd vessel is what provides the propulsion through the board. Galle, Weligama, Misrissa and Bentota are the best places to flyboarding.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Catamaran Sailing

Luxury sailing experience available in Sri Lanka. Mirissa, Pacikudha, Port city, Negambo, and Weligama are the places for this. These two hulls are connected by a bridge deck. Many people will be familiar with Hobie Cats, small catamarans that are popular for sailing on lakes and in calmer waters.

Mirissa | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Full Body Massage

This is famous for relaxation and reduces body pains this massage takes half an hour or an hour. Every spa in all aria beachside in Sri Lanka provides this treatment.

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