Trincomalee is a port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The city is located on a peninsula, which divides the inner and outer harbours.Trincomalee is an anglicized version of the Tamil word Tirukonamalai (which means "lord of the sacred hill"); it is a hill situated in the end of a natural land formation that resembles an arc. It is one of the main where Tamil is spoken at large scale. Historically referred to as Gokanna or Gokarna it has been a sea port that has played a major role in maritime and international trading history of Sri Lanka.

The Bay of Trincomalee provides security and is openly accessible to all types of sea crafts in all weathers. The beaches are used for recreational purposes such as surfing, scuba diving, fishing and whale watching. The city is renowned for housing the largest Dutch fort in Sri Lanka. It is home to major Sri Lankan naval bases and a Sri Lankan Air Force base

Must Visit Place In TRINCOMALEE

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
Fishing in the sea

If the angler in you desires a deep-sea fishing expedition, you will not be able to find more bountiful waters than those off the coast of Trincomalee. Together with a knowledgeable local fisherman by your side, and the finest fishing gear, our Trincomalee fishing excursions are unmatched by any other resort along the coast of Trincomalee.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
Trinco city tour

Coveted for centuries for its strategic importance as one of the world’s deepest natural harbours, Trincomalee was once heralded as the ‘Rome of the Pagans of the Orient’. Characterised by the distinctive Swami Rock and its pristine beaches, the city of Trincomalee offers travellers a rare glimpse into a bygone era shrouded in mystery and folklore, ancient ruins and temples, towering colonial forts, and underwater worlds waiting to be discovered. Together with tales of unrequited love and the tragedy of Sri Lanka’s own version of Pearl Harbour, your trip to Trincomalee will be one to remember.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
Whale watching

Whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka is one of the island’s biggest seasonal attractions. The waters off the coast of Jungle Beach offer some of the best spots in the world to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest ever mammal – the Blue Whale. Furthermore, the deepest diving whales and the largest predators on Earth – Sperm Whales – are also plentiful in these parts and are often spotted traveling in super pods of 40 or more. These bountiful waters are also feeding grounds for large numbers of Spinner Dolphins who are known for their joyous acrobatic displays.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
The War Cemetery

This War Cemetery is located about 6km north of Trincomalee town towards Nilaveli. Known in 1948 for the fallen soldiers of the British Empire during World War 2. Beautifully maintained and curated by the Ministry of Defence on behalf of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The cemetery also has graves of Dutch, French, Italian, and other allied forces. This place is open between 07:00 and 16:00 every day for visitors.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
Lover’s Leap Trincomalee

This is one of the many breathtaking views in the coastal town of Trincomalee. You could find the famous lovers leap, on the way to the Rameswaram Kovil. A true story attested by an inscription on a pillar on Swami Rock. The story of Lover’s Leap Trincomalee is an unhappy tale of unanswered love. A true story attested by the caption on a pillar on Swami Rock, it follows Francina van Reed, the daughter of a gentleman of rank in the civil service of Holland. She was engaged to a young Dutch officer who broke off the engagement upon the end of his foreign service and returned to Holland.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
Coral Cove Beach Trincomalee

This is a famous beach in Sri Lanka which is located in Trincomalee. You can do Sabbath, swimming, water sport and more. This is a peaceful beach in Sri Lanka. Maintains by navy Sri Lanka. Near to Penguin Island. This is a very safe place to enjoy your vacation.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
Banana Boat Ride

A banana boat is an unpowered inflatable boat. It can seat around 12 people. you can hop on right from shore and hang on for a fun and scenic ride. Enjoy the views of the beach. Hikkaduwa, Balapitiya, Trincomalee and Ambalangoda famous place in Sri Lanka for Banana boat ride.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka

There are various yacht styles, including sailing and motor containers that vary in size from relatively small to superyachts. This includes booking a day trip or even a multi-night trip to explore different reefs and ports. You can relax on deck, enjoy snorkeling off the sides, and explore a selection of anchorage spots. Mirissa, Pacikudha, Trincomalee, and Jaffna are the better place in Sri Lanka.

Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka
Cage Diving

Learn about the individuals of the deep with a cage diving adventure. Most usually, cage diving takes you out to the deep to come face to face with sharks, including Great Whites. It’s a chance to see some of nature’s largest predators in their natural environment and learn more about these incredible animals. Trincomalee and Mirissa are famous for it in Sri Lanka.


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