Weligama, translated as sandy village, is a great place to learn to surf, about a two kilometer stretch of shallow sandy beach. The main industries are tourism and fishing. According to tourism field, surfing takes the major attraction in Weligama. Therefore, Weligama is the perfect spot in Sri Lanka for all you novice surfers to catch your first waves and learn how to surf. There is no need to worry about surfboards because there are many places along the shore that rent out surfboards. Further, Ayurvedic spas and yoga classes around the town also popular among both locals and foreign people who come to relax body and mind.

Weligama is recognised for its beeralu lace-making which is first introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century. However, lace-making has remained a traditional handicraft along the coastal area of Weligama.

Must Visit Place In WELIGAMA

Weligama | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Taprobane Island

Taprobane Island, originally called "Galduwa" ("Rock Island" in Sinhalese), is a private island with one villa, located just off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It was originally built in the 1920's by the romantically-named but self-styled Count de Mauny-Talvande. Taprobane Island provides one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic photographs, an impossibly romantic destination perfect for a traveller seeking a truly escapist location. Views of the ocean are magnificent from each part of the island, and there is no better way to start the day than with a swim in the sea before breakfast on the terrace.

Weligama | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Kushtarajagala Statue

Kushtarajagala Statue is a larger than life sized relief carved in solid rock which is situated in Weligama. There are many stories surrounding this statue. Once a foreign king suffering from a severe skin disease has landed in the Weligama bay and was treated by a local doctor. This king was restored to his original strength and to remember him (the “kushta raja” or the “Kushta King” an image of him was carved and this was known to be “Kushta Raja Gala” or Rock of the Kushta King.

Weligama | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Weligama Beach

Weligama, translated as sandy village, is a great place to learn to surf, about a two kilometre stretch of shallow sandy beach. In weligama beach, you can notice is a fisherman on stilts with fishing rods in hand seated motionless on the cross arm waiting like a rather curious bird, a method which is unique to this area. Surfing is the most popular activity and the beginners can learn how to surf from the surfing school around the beach.

Weligama | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing is essential to combine surfing and sailing by attaching a large sail to a board and strapping you on. It is another sport that embraces the power of the wind for the definitive thrills. In Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa and Weligama are famous destinations for Wind Surfers.


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