Ahungalla is a village near the sea and many people make a living from fishing and Ahungalla can be described as a city where the tourism industry has gradually developed. Not only the magnificent beach but also the famous attractive hotels nearby have been instrumental in boosting the tourism industry. Among them, Heritance Ahungalla and the Hotel RIU in Sri Lanka which has 500 rooms take the place as the lungs of Ahungalla. Why I said like that, because these hotels are the major unique symbols in Ahungalla. Also, Ahungalla Sea Turtles Conservation and Research Center, which has the structure of a sea turtle, is a further symbol of Ahungalle's identity.

Moreover, Ayurveda, is a way of doing medicine that uses endemic herbal plants to cure disease and comes from 30,000 years back. Hence the village like Ahungalla based on traditional environment is famous for Ayurvedic spa and yoga in all over the island. However, while feeling the relax atmosphere, do not forget to get the benefits of traditional and varied cuisine, which significantly contributes to your successful Ayurvedic treatment.

Must Visit Place In AHUNGALLA

Ahungalla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Ahungalla Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Center

Sea turtles are one of the marvels of nature. This wonderful creature, sea turtles are air-breathing reptiles that have lungs, so they regularly surface to breathe. Sea turtles spend a majority of their time underwater, so they must be able to hold their breath for long periods. Further, sea turtles use beaches to lay their eggs. Therefore, Ahungalla sea turtle conservation center collects those eggs and protect them. After, they release little sea turtles to the sea. Not only that, some disabled sea turtles also can be seen there.

Ahungalla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Ayurveda Spa and Yoga

There are numerous ayurvedic spas around Ahungalla. Among them, Ahungalla Daphne Ayurveda Center, Renova spa, Bamboo Massage, Heritance hotel’s spa and Lotus Villa play major roles in Ayurveda treatment. Massage therapies, body treatment, facial and nail care are the treatments that packages include. All of these spas use 100% natural products including herbal oils and cosmetics to relax your body and soothe your sense. If you need to feel comfortable, Ahungalla is the best place you looking for.

Ahungalla | Sri Lankan Destination - Look Lanka Tours
Madu Ganga

The Madu River is very rich in biodivesity. It passes through the wet zone of Sri Lanka opening up into the large Madu Lagoon on its way to the Indian Ocean. And also, this is very popular among the lovers of nature in the world. History states there used to be 64 islands along Madu River. However most seem to have sunk under the water, as only 25 islands are reported today. Boat safari and fish therapy are the most important activities around Madu river.


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